10 Ways to Make Money as a Model

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 Bookings from modeling agencies

   Agencies are the gateways into the mainstream modeling world. It's the best way to lock in gigs for fashion shows or to get into magazines. Agencies use to be very picky about the type of models they hire but now different agencies hire different types of people.  Agencies are the best way to get picked up for big shoots like Vogue, Gucci or Victoria's Secret but not the only way.

Social media influencer

   Making money as an influencer is directly connected to how many followers you have and how much they interact with your post. The more followers you have the more money you can make. Some companies pay influencers up words of $2,000 a post. The first thing you need to do is strengthen your social media pages if you want to get paid the big bucks.

Image Royalties

   You can sell your images to other companies and get a royalty check from them. Companies that do calendars, posters, flyers, and post cards. You can also work with photographers that do stock images and get them to cut you in on the royalties from the photos or pay you in one lump sum. Photographers use sites like Getty images and Shutter stock to sell Photos for small royalties over time.


   Making money in the movie industry isn’t as hard as you think. It maybe harder to land a major role in a movie or commercial, but you can easily land extra roles in movies much easier. With a quick google search you can find companies casting for extras for major movies in ATL and LA. Sometimes depending on the movie you could find roles in cities near you.

Only Fans

   Only fans is not just for porn stars or selling adult content.  You can literally sell any kind of content. From video pod cast content to cooking shows.  Think of Netflix, you could make short films and sell them there. So don't be narrow minded because you can literally sell anything. Models on only fans make from $1000 a month to $100,000 a month depend on the content and how much work you put in.

Work Shops

   Working with photographers at work shop is also another way to make money as a model. Usually new and aspiring photographers go to work shop to learn to shoot with models. These photographer will also probably try to book you for privet shoots to add to there portfolio.

Event appearances

   Event Appearances are more for models with a higher following. Like the Clermont Twins or "famous" Fashion Nova Models.  Club appearances can pay from $5000 to 10,000+ for an appearance. If you want to take this approach you will definitely need to bring up your social media presents. 


Modeling for Clothing Brands

   Clothing brands always need models. Larger clothing brands usually use models from talent agencies, but small brands usually look for local models to wear there clothing. You can set your own price and pitch yourself to these brands to book shoots with them.

Runway Shows

   Runway show usually get booked through agencies but some times you can also book shows if you know some of the designers or photographers that are hosting the shows.  Hype shows that are done by brands like OFF WHITE sometime just use models with a high social media presents.

Sell Merchandise

   Turning yourself into a brand is also way to make money as a model. You can start a merch line with your name and sell you merch online line using host like Shopify, Etsy or Amazon.  A merch line can be anything from a make up product you create to a clothing line with your face on it.

   Comment below and tell us any ways to make money as a model that we forgot. Also tell us your thoughts.


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