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Flawless and YISM came together and crushed a stylish and sexy shoot.  Although she's a Tampa Florida Native Flawless came up from Miami to Vibe with YISM and they made magic!  The clothings colors contrast so well, that the blue makes the red just jump off the screen!
 Keevonna Wilson

Photographers Notes

YISM: The shoot almost didn't happen because of timing and coordination issues but once it did we made magic.  I saw the blue denim jeans jacket in one of her insta - Snaps and suggested she bring it for the shoot! She thought the red Bra would look good with it, and boy she was right!  
YISM: Flawless killed all the poses with no help from me at all. She would always find the light and stick it! I enjoyed working with her. YISM: I think we listened to Kodak Black and every now and then her little dog would bark!


 Keevonna Wilson


YISM: Where are you from?  

Flawless: I'm from Tampa, FL  

YISM: What is your real name and What name do you go by?  
Flawless: Keevonna Wilson but just call me Flawless  

YISM: How you voting for?  
Flawless: I'll be voting for Hilary Clinton   
YISM: What are some of your goals?  
Flawless: My main goal is to Take my modeling career to the next level!  
YISM: Tell us something you've never told anyone before.  
Flawless: I think I'm turning into a lesbian. 
YISM: What do you like to drink when you're at a bar?  
Flawless:  Berry ciroc with cranberry juice 

YISM: What do you like to drink when your on a date?  
Flawless: Apple martini 
YISM: How long have you been modeling?  
Flawless: About three years now 
YISM: Who are you're favorite photographers to work with?  
Flawless: Alcole studios, Yes I Shoot Models 
YISM: What music are you listening to right now?  
Flawless: Yung m.a oooouuuuuu

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